Customer & Parent Questions:

Ship To School orders are always free! Ship To Home orders are subject to flat rate fees.

Shipping and Handling Charges are as follows:

    • $0-$19.99 = $5.99
    • $20-$39.99 = $7.49
    • $40-$59.99 = $9.99
    • $60-79.99 = $12.49

All orders over $80.00 FREE Shipping

The delivery of your first issue will arrive 6-8 weeks from the order date. For questions, concerns, or to change your contact information for the subscription you may contact Time, Inc. at 1.877.604.6513 or you may contact our customer care center here.

We only sell our products through fundraising organizations. However, we can direct you to the local distributor in your area, and they will let you know if there is a fundraiser near you.

Each pre-portioned box yields 40 – 1 oz. cookies

This option allows the customer to order brochure items online and use a credit card to make payment and not have to pay for shipping. Delivery of this order will then be packed with the students paper orders and delivered to the school on the scheduled delivery day (usually 3-4 weeks after sale has ended). Your student will then deliver your order to you.

We allow between 3-4 weeks after the end of the sale. This delivery date is determined between Big Kahuna Fundraising and the school/group during the fundraiser registration. Best to contact your school/group for the exact date and time.

Online orders that are shipped to the home are processed and shipped between 2 and 3 weeks from the date of purchase. Should you like to check on the status of your order, feel free to email us at


Fundraiser Coordinator Questions

In most cases, 40% profit goes to the school you are supporting for all product purchases​. Schools also make 75% profit on all donations received through our fundraiser as well. All of our fundraisers are designed around the ​ needs of the school. For information regarding your school’s specific agreement please contact ​us at questions@bigkahunafun.com

Yes! Big Kahuna Fundraising provides the sales brochures, personalized parent letters, prize flyers and order forms that are collated for each participant in individual prize envelopes for your convenience. We also provide posters to hang around your school and reminder notes to send home with students during the sale for end date and delivery times.

As soon as your fundraiser dates are selected and your agreement is signed we will get you your packages so you can get the ball rolling!

Cookie Dough Nutritional Info

All of our pre-portioned cookie dough flavors are produced in a facility that manufactures nut products.

All of our products are trans fat free!

The nutritional information for each product is found on our Nutrition Information page

The open and unopened boxes of cookie dough must be kept frozen and is good for 6 months or one week thawed in the refrigerator. The box may be left out for up to 6-8 hours but should be refrozen


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1-855-525-3863 or questions@bigkahunafun.com

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