We have used a variety of fundraising companies in the past. However, Big Kahuna by far, has exceeded my expectations for a Fund Raising Company! The profit that we made was outstanding, their organization was very impressive and their company service is unbelievable! They take care of everything so there are no extra burdens on any of my staff members. I had heard great things about Big Kahuna and I am so glad that we gave them a try last year! I now really wish I would have gone with Big Kahuna.....several years sooner!! LOL!

Susan Cryer

Principal- Samuel W. Houston Elementary, Huntsville ISD

I loved how absolutely easy it was! You made it so simple to distribute all the items from the catalogs to distribution of the orders; I couldn’t be happier with the service and support of Amy, and the Big Kahuna Team!

Jessica Gamino

Principal Secretary- Miller Heights Elementary, Belton ISD

We look forward to our always successful annual Big Kahuna cookie dough fundraiser. Amy's customer service is impeccable. She is the most friendly, helpful and quick person to work with. The organization of the fundraiser kick-off to the sorting of the orders is absolutely phenomenal. Our students strive to sell the most they can so they can ride on the party bus limo ride to Cici’s Pizza. Huge hit with the students!!!!

Nelda Chavez

Secretary- Woodridge Elementary, Desoto ISD

Several years ago Lakewood Elementary began partnering with Big Kahuna for our fall fundraiser. After working with many other companies and experiencing varying degrees of success, Big Kahuna was a refreshing and much appreciated change. Their customer service, from kick-off to delivery and beyond has been excellent and worry free year after year. Our students LOVE the prize program and our parents have always been extremely happy with the quality of the products offered by Big Kahuna. Amy, our representative, and the Big Kahuna company work very hard to make our fundraiser profitable, smooth and hassle free. Lakewood Elementary looks forward to many more successful years partnering with Big Kahuna!

Vicki Shuttlesworth

Secretary- Lakewood Elementary, Belton ISD

Our School has been working with Big Kahuna for the last several years and we could not have been better taken care of. Amy and her crew strive to make our experience easy and fun! Their daily prizes encourage the kids to sell and win. The families really like the variety and affordability of the products. Amy sends out text reminders for pick and has all of the boxes prepackaged and ready to be handed out upon arrival. There can’t be an easier fundraiser company and crew to work with. Thank you for all that you do at Big Kahuna!!

Meloney Jefferson

Secretary- High Point Elementary, Belton ISD

Big Kahuna is a fantastic company to work with! I feel so strongly about this that when we moved to another school district I persuaded our new school to use them as their main fund raiser. Everybody has been so happy with them at our new school. Big Kahuna is very organized and they take care of the bulk of the work so their customers don't have to. Not to mention their products are high quality and useful to most people! The kids love the prizes. With a very attainable goal of selling 15 items the kids get to ride a limo to have lunch somewhere during the school day. With this incentive it is easy for your school to have a very successful fundraiser!

Lisa Young

PTA- Maypearl Junior High, Maypearl ISD

Big Kahuna Fundraising has partnered with our campus for the past 5+ years and Doug Proctor and his team understand schools, how it all works, and they know ``what it's like`` to be in our shoes. Former educators themselves, they work to make the fundraising process as easy on the campus as possible. Their customer service is by far the best I have ever experienced in the business of dealing with fundraising companies. Their products are top notch and we continue to be extremely successful at our Title 1 campus year after year - without having to alternate fundraisers. Online sales are a huge benefit of Big Kahuna Fundraising!

Courtney Carpenter

Principal - TE Baxter Elementary, Midlothian ISD

I have worked with Big Kahuna for many years and have been very pleased.
The company is easy to work with and will help you accomplish your goals.
I highly recommend them.

Linda Stout

Principal - Crawford Elementary, Crawford ISD

We have been using Big Kahuna as our fundraiser for the past 4 years. We always have good participation and we believe it is because of the great products. They are always helpful with our fundraiser, we are so glad we went with Big Kahuna!

Diana Crow

Secretary - Barbara Walker Elementary, Crandall ISD

I would like to highly recommend Amanda Wylie and Big Kahuna as an excellent fundraiser for your school. I have worked with this company and Amanda for several years, and our experience has been great! They are here from start to finish and really do what they say they are going to do. Amanda also touches base with us on a regular basis and is very willing to assist us with all aspects of the fundraiser. Our campus is a Title I school and it is difficult to conduct successful fundraisers. Amanda and Big Kahuna offer suggestions and work with us on product selection/catalogs. Over the years, I have been a part of numerous fundraisers, and this company and their representative are dedicated to making sure that your fundraiser is a WIN/WIN for the school, and that it is not a burden on those helping with the endeavor.

Elizabeth Woodward

Secretary- Tipps Elementary School, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

I’ve been in education 31 years and have dealt with several fundraising companies. Big Kahuna is by far the BEST! They are personal, punctual, and professional from start to finish. They do it all, including customizing the brochures to meet your campus/community needs. The participation incentives & prizes are awesome - - especially the limo ride and pizza party. Thank you, Big Kahuna for making fundraising easy for this principal!

Brenda English

Principal- Grand Saline Intermediate School, Grand Saline ISD

We love Big Kahuna! In Junior High with grades 6th-8th, it is hard to keep students interested in sales for prizes. However, with the Limo ride & pizza party….we get a great profit! And our wonderful reps are amazing!

Mary Sias

Secretary- Howard Jr. High, Waxahachie ISD

Before we partnered with Big Kahuna, our fundraiser profits were lackluster, at best, and we did all of the work. Now, we make profits to support our student programs AND Big Kahuna does all of the work! Our experiences with Big Kahuna's products, prize programs, and staff have kept us coming back for more!

Meredith Perry

Assistant Principal- Irving Elementary, Cleburne ISD

The absolute best fundraising company! Our sales rep takes care of everything from start to finish. Products are great and sale easily. On behalf of Lorena Middle School, thanks for all the awesome help and support!

Karyn Robins

Secretary- Lorena Middle, Lorena ISD

Thank You so much for all you did this was the best fundraiser EVER! In all the years I have been doing fundraisers this was the most organized and helpful fundraiser I have ever been involved with. There really wasn't much for me to do. Nothing was left out you are AWESOME I will be spreading the word of your excellent fundraiser. It has been a JOY working with you and we look forward to the next time.

Jeanne Gathright

Secretary - Bens Branch Elementary, New Caney ISD

Big Kahuna makes fundraising FUN! From their professionalism with our staff and students to quality products for the consumer is first rate. Student incentives are rewarding and fun with the latest trends. Their attention to detail is exceptional making the fundraising experience easy. Their team is simply AWESOME!

Kathryn Thomas

Secretary- Hallsville Elementary North, Hallsville ISD

On behalf of Fairmont Elementary and its PTO we would like to THANK YOU for a flawless organized and most memorable experience with fundraising. Your company helped us set a bar and especially helped us have a successful spring fundraiser. All my PTO board has commented on the professionalism you and your team brought to the table and everyone at our school has recognized the hard work you put into helping us and our children! We look forward to working with you in the future and again thank you to Big Kahuna!”

Bianca Gracia

PTO President - Fairmont Elementary, Deer Park ISD

Big Kahuna takes all of the stress out of fundraising. They are there from the time your fundraiser kicks off, until the last item is picked up. Their products are quality, their prizes and rewards are top notch and the service is out of this world!

Ben Eubanks

Principal - Hico Elementary, Hico ISD

Our elementary school family and friends love Big Kahuna products. The first year we bought items we were very impressed and could not wait for the next fundraiser season to buy more. We quickly learned to stock up on our favorites, like the Fiesta Soup Trio, Cheese Ball Trio, the Pumpkin Roll and our favorite variety of cookie doughs. The Tote Bags are very popular with the Teachers and staff and the parents love the kitchen items and Christmas wrapping. My favorite item is the magnetic measuring spoons. Big Kahuna is the easiest fundraiser our school has ever participated in and we love our Big Kahuna representative, who goes above and beyond to make everyone happy with their purchases.

Yvette John

Fundraiser Chair - Lexington Creek Elementary, Fort Bend ISD