GREAT SPRING FUNDRAISING OPTION!!!  Includes our most popular flavors of popcorn, snacks and chocolates with $12, and $14 price points.  You also still have the opportuniy to access over 500 items online!!! View the examples below or click on the link to view the full catalog.



Our elementary school family and friends love Big Kahuna products. The first year we bought items we were very impressed and could not wait for the next fundraiser season to buy more. We quickly learned to stock up on our favorites, like the Fiesta Soup Trio, Cheese Ball Trio, the Pumpkin Roll and our favorite variety of cookie doughs. The Tote Bags are very popular with the Teachers and staff and the parents love the kitchen items and Christmas wrapping. My favorite item is the magnetic measuring spoons. Big Kahuna is the easiest fundraiser our school has ever participated in and we love our Big Kahuna representative, who goes above and beyond to make everyone happy with their purchases.

Yvette John

Fundraiser Chair - Lexington Creek Elementary, Fort Bend ISD

Thank You so much for all you did this was the best fundraiser EVER! In all the years I have been doing fundraisers this was the most organized and helpful fundraiser I have ever been involved with. There really wasn't much for me to do. Nothing was left out you are AWESOME I will be spreading the word of your excellent fundraiser. It has been a JOY working with you and we look forward to the next time.

Jeanne Gathright

Secretary - Bens Branch Elementary, New Caney ISD