Our goal is to provide simple and easy FULL-SERVICE fundraising for schools with rewarding prize programs for students and quality products for families all while maximizing profits for every school.

Big Kahuna Fundraising guides you through the whole fundraising process and provides you with all the tools you need to run the fundraiser!

We bring meaning to FULL-SERVICE!!!

Here is what we provide:

Running the Sale

  • Professional kickoff assemblies for students
  • We provide parent letters personalized to every school
  • We provide marketing materials to maximize your sale!!!
  • Professional Prize & Product Brochures, Prize posters, yard signs, wrist bands, daily announcements & reminder notes

Product Delivery

  • We provide delivery reminder notes
  • We make reminder phone calls and text messages the day of the delivery to help make sure everyone knows to pick-up that day
  • We unload delivery truck and sort orders by student
  • Our delivery staff stays throughout the delivery to provide a simple & easy experience for the school and your parents
  • Our schools experience 98% pickup of ALL PRODUCTS on delivery day


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