Our goal is to provide simple and easy FULL-SERVICE fundraising for schools with rewarding prize programs for students and quality products for families all while maximizing profits for every school.

We Help Maximize Your Fundraiser!

  • We lead energetic student assemblies to kickoff your fundraiser with a video presentation.
  • WE ARE #1 IN STUDENT INCENTIVES, spending more money on the BEST prizes for your students to be motivated to sell and do their best!!!
  • We provide ALL marketing materials to advertise during the sale:
    • Personalized parent letters and reminder notes.
    • Daily announcements.
    • Prize & product posters.
    • School yard signs.
  • Online sales for family and friends outside your local area (shipped right to their door).
  •  Teacher incentives to keep the momentum going throughout the sale.

We Do the Work so You Don’t Have to!

  • WE ARE #1 IN SERVICE, going the extra mile to provide a simple and easy product delivery for your school.
  • We take care of ALL DATA ENTRY and put all participating students into easy to use spreadsheets for a quick reference tool for student incentives and delivery day.
  • We send out 2 sets of reminders for your parents about the delivery date and time.
  • Products arrive at your school PRESORTED BY STUDENT on our trucks.
  • Our DELIVERY TEAM unloads and stages all orders by student number.
  • Our DELIVERY STAFF STAYS ALL DAY to make the process easy for your parents.
  • We send out texts and make phone calls to remind parents about order pick up.
  • We stand behind our Make It Right Guarantee! On the rarity that a mistake is made in order entry or the sorting process, we make it right within 5-10 business days.

We Are #1 in Product Quality!

• Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough • Chocolates • Popcorn • Cheesecakes • Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels • Homemade Gourmet • Kitchen Essentials • Jumbo Gift Wrap • Tote Bags • Jewelry • Tumblers • Donations

Partner with Big Kahuna and Experience the Difference!

Contact us at or call us at 1-855-525-3863

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